Bert Herring, M.D., to speak about simple solutions to the global obesity epidemic

Bert Herring, M.D.

For decades, the weight-loss industry has been selling “slim,” and Americans have been eating it up. As a nation, we spend about $35 billion a year on weight-loss products, specialized diet foods and drugs, and books and magazines that promise a permanent “fix” for our obesity epidemic.  But after decades of diets, why are we fatter than ever?

Bert Herring, M.D., believes he knows the answer. He has developed a surprisingly simple and effective weight-loss program and he’s giving the program away for free.

Fast-5, the weight-loss tool Dr. Herring researched and shared with the world via a free e-book, has spread across six continents, has been translated into five languages, and has helped thousands of people solve an overweight or obesity problem that for many had become unsolvable. It is a low-hassle, no-cost, no-drug way of achieving and maintaining appropriate food intake levels.

It’s also a way of eating that is consistent with a lifestyle emphasizing simplicity and value–two virtues that are conspicuously absent in America’s booming weight-loss industry.

About Bert Herring, M.D.

Dr. Herring graduated from Texas A&M’s College of Medicine. After an internship in surgery at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, his residency was postponed while he repaid his U.S. Navy scholarship obligation with a three-year Marine Corps infantry battalion tour.

Bert’s Marine tour delivered a first-hand introduction to the complexity of problems on an international scale as he fulfilled his duties in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm and in Okinawa, Japan. Confronting the realities of global problems, his interest in surgery waned. While surgery would allow him to  fix problems one person at a time, cancer research would open up the possibility for small discoveries to benefit thousands or even millions of people.

He secured a cancer research position at the National Cancer Institutes (NIH). His work at NIH yielded a new model for testing cancer treatments, and although the model is still used, it was Bert’s effort to squeeze more research work between the time constraints of child care obligations that became his first application of a “Study of One,” which sparked the Fast-5 flame. Bert and his wife Judi, also a physician, formed the Fast-5 Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that operates solely with the work of volunteers.

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