Thank you!

photo credit: Zachary Gragg

Our presenters, sponsors, and volunteers–not to mention an ethusiastic, engaged and dynamic audience–helped make the inaugural TEDxRiversideAvondale an outstanding success. Back in March of this year, when the organizing team first came together, our one goal was to create a program that would promote positive change by disseminating ideas worth sharing. On October 20th, that goal was beautifully realized.

It was a day of revelation and inspiration. We blasted off into the eternal cosmic sea with Jon Cowart and peered into the future of space travel. Wayne Wood made a strong case for us to respect our landmarks of the past while not forgetting those of the future. Bill Miller and Parvez Ahmed helped us realized that we must include social equity into our decision-making process and that choices without conscience are not sustainable. Who can forget how important it is to feed our minds, our relationships, and our curiosities? We think that Dr. Bert Herring would agree that events such as TEDxRiversideAvondale certainly accomplished all three. Maybe just maybe, we can live longer by having opportunities such as these made more available. And of course, quality of life must include an understanding of our interdependence with the natural world around us. One cannot reach out into the cosmos without first taking on one’s responsibility as a steward of Spaceship Earth.

And then there was the incredible variety of music! Could there be a better preface to Roger Nierenberg than the musical textures and complexities offered up by both the violin and cello of Aurica Duca and Sophia Zappi? How about the transcendental reverberations of Mike Pearson’s guitar as he accompanied Lauren Finchem? Or the pictures painted of a lonesome cowboy stepping off the bus in Nashville as sung by Louise Mosrie and Anna Denison? Was it you that we saw dancing or swaying while Morton Perry and Zack Wing jammed on stage? What incredible energy! And speaking about energy… Shhh… did you hear him? Did you hear Al Letson weave his magical story-telling, captivating everyone in the audience? What an inspiration!

Shhh… did you feel it? Did you feel the energy in the room throughout the breaks and into the afterglow party?

That was YOU.

You were a key component to making TEDxRiversideAvondale the success that it was and we applaud you for that! It is our sincere hope that you keep the momentum of that day going, through the new relationships that you have made and ideas that you have shared. You are the pioneers; the first to experience what we hope will be an annual tradition of TEDx Talks right here in River City.

If inspiration is the seed of change, then on October 20th, together, we planted quite a garden.

We’ll be posting videos of each presentation as soon as editing is complete, but for now, check out Ed Hall’s terrific cartoon’s from TEDxRiversideAvondale. Also, Kirk Chamberlain has posted some terrific photos of the day here. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Living the TEDX Consciousness

    As I continue to share the impact the event had on me personally with friends, I was called to share here in this expanding community.

    One of the consciousness practices I was taught many years ago at a design retreat is the practice of stepping back and becoming an observer of a place/space/experience I am engaged fully in.

    What it asks you to do is to notice all the facets of the experience that make it what it is. These 4 exercises help me to fully be in the space with a depth of gratitude that often brings me to a state of bliss, outrage, inspiration and ultimately to RIGHT action! It was created to help designers see, feel and experience, so they may be better problem solvers and participants. It worked for me. See Below for the exercise.

    Several times during the day, I took the time to do this exercise. Each time it brought me deeper in the what the day was created to create. A deep sense of community and inspiration that WILL create a momentum and hence deep and meaningful change here in Jacksonville and the world.

    Our last speaker William Miller was perfectly programmed last. His poignant comments brought it all to a brilliant crescendo. He blended the thoughts of the day into the space of personal responsibility. He asked us to be self aware and then bring that awareness out into the world to connect on deeper planes. What a gift his message was for each of us!

    I know that as I move forward as a leader, I am compelled to continue to bring higher levels of consciousness every where I go, be it into a prison, a grocery store or my home. I am at choice.

    I honor all the work that went into this impeccable event! I personally and as the leader of Character Counts! in Jacksonville commit to fostering ongoing dialogues about the future of Jacksonville and the world!

    Awareness Through Noticing
    1. Look at the faces, sense what is on their faces, their smiles, their furrowed brows, their joy, their calm…the diversity of expressions, the sameness of expressions…

    2. Look at the physicality of the environment. Notice the space, the beauty, the order, the mess, the light, the color…

    3. Listen the the layers. the speaker, the laughs, the music, the sounds of the street, the airplane passing by, the breathing of the person next to you, your breathing.

    4. Close your eyes and just feel the energy of the room. All the things you just looked at and listened to, feel the currents of energy swirling around you, through you, in you.

    As you open you eyes, you will notice the connection you feel to each and every element in the room in a way that never ceases to surprise and delight me. Sometimes I do this quickly, 3-4mins for all the steps other times 10-15mins. Either way it always bears fruit.

    Jot some notes down, share them with the others in the room and see where it takes you…

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